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Wrocław University of Technology rowers will cross the Baltic Sea

15.01.2014 | Aktualizacja: 15.01.2014 14:24

(photo: Joanna Pająk)

Wrocław University of Technology students are preparing for a sea boat voyage across the Baltic Sea. “It will take us about 30 hours” – says Paweł Rańda, a coach of the University rowing section. Starting from January, the Beijing Olympic Games medalist is the president of the Wrocław University of Technology Students’ Sport Club.
“I am glad I can today introduce Paweł Rańda not as a sportsman but as an employee of Wrocław University of Technology” – said Prof. Tadeusz Więckowski, Rector of the University, at a press conference. Together with the new president of the Students’ Sport Club he presented plans concerning the organization of “Odra River Cup” regattas (23-25 May 2014) and the “Baltic Sea Project” (August 2014).
“In fact, the ‘Odra River Cup’ is supposed to be a three-day holiday of the Odra river for all citizens of Wrocław. We are planning not only the competition of rowing eights but also many accompanying events that we are keeping secret as for now. For sure, the night race will be held, as it is very spectacular. University of Warsaw has already copied this idea” – said Rector.
Paweł Rańda also disclosed some details concerning the voyage across the Baltic Sea. “This will be a coxed four. We will start in Karlskrona but we don’t yet know where the finish will be. We are waiting for proposals from cities that will welcome us warmly. We will be floating in a 10-meter long sea boat that will be manufactured for us by the Gemini company from Gdańsk. They made e.g. the boat for Roman Paszke. Next to us, a security boat will be floating, in case of any unpredictable situations. We are mostly afraid of the wind. The rain should not present a problem. I cannot give a precise date of the start as it will depend on the weather conditions. But it will certainly be in August” – said Rańda.
The rowers coach added that the composition of the team will be announced after the “Odra River Cup”. – “The rowers are already training but I will select the best ones after the competition.”
Rańda admitted he is glad that students are eager to train rowing. “This discipline has roots in university sports and the values worked out during the trainings turn out to be very helpful in life. The sole ability to reconcile hard training and studying is a significant achievement. My section starts exercises at 6 AM and despite that we have no problems with the turnout” – admitted the University rowing eight coach. – “Once I said that I would ‘make Wrocław row’ and slowly, in small steps, I am implementing this idea.”
Rector of Wrocław University of Technology invited the journalists to the University’s marina that is being refurbished. “We want this object to regain its former glory so that it can serve not only our students but also all enthusiasts of water sports” – said Rector. He also announced that the entire H-13 building will be ready at the beginning of next year. “We will not manage to complete the renovation before this year’s regattas but the wharf will be ready” – added Prof. Więckowski.
Iwona Szajner, Translation: Dariusz Więcławski