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Nokia’s “code::dive” conference took place in Wrocław

19.11.2014 | Aktualizacja: 19.11.2014 14:42

Konrad Fuławka, organizer of code::dive conference

“code::dive” conference is organized by Nokia with an aim to diffuse and share knowledge on codewriting and programming in C++. The conference took place  on 5th November at the Wrocław Congress Centre, which is part of Centennial Hall complex, and attracted many programmers and developers from all over the country.
“The main goal of this conference is to get all programmers at one place. We want to bring world-class programmers and local, Wrocław and Polish programmers, at one place and share knowledge.” – said Konrad Fuławka, organizer of the event.
“I was talking about hardware CPU caches and why programmers need to take that into account when they are designing their programmes so that they run as fast as possible.” – said Scott Meyers, software consultant and a participant of the conference – “The way you get better at programming is by practicing a lot and seeking advice and feedback from other people.”

Dariusz Więcławski