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Our University is doctoral students-friendly

25.11.2014 | Aktualizacja: 25.11.2014 10:10

The Wrocław University of Technology Main Building (phot. Krzysztof Mazur)

Wrocław University of Technology has been classified high in the ranking of the most doctoral students-friendly universities in Poland. Fifth place in the PRODOK contest is also the best among Wrocław univiersities.
Poznań University of Economics turned out victorious in the 7th edition of the contest. Warsaw University of Technology was the runner-up, while University of Agriculture in Kraków took third place. The Gdańsk University of Technology came fourth, outdoing Wrocław University of Technology by a small margin. The laureates were chosen from among 46 applicantions.
The contest was organized by the Doctoral Students Council of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN) in cooperation with the National Council of Doctoral Students. The ranking was based on such factors, as the influence of doctoral students on the education process, social conditions, self-governance, or support for the activity of young scientists and doctoral students with disabilities.
Joanna Pająk
Translation: Dariusz Więcławski