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Wrocław University of Technology host s students from Russia

27.11.2014 | Aktualizacja: 27.11.2014 09:55

(phot. Julia Bohdziewicz)

A group of students from the MISIS National University of Science and Technology from Moscow is visiting Wrocław. They will get acquainted with our University, meet with our scientific circles and go sightseeing in the city.
“These are representatives of our partner university”. – says Julia Bohdziewicz from the Wrocław University of Technology International Office – “It’s a group of 18 students and 2 counsellors. They will stay in Wrocław until Friday.”
The Wrocław University of Technology Student Government was responsible for preparation of the visit’s agenda. “For sure, we will show them the entire spectrum of our students’ activity.” – says Krystian Cieślak from the Student Government – “They’ve already seen the PWR Racing Team’s car and were very impressed. They said they must tell their professors about this idea.”
Krystian Cieślak: “The students from Moscow had a tour of our campus, they didn’t expect it was so large. In Russia, studies start earlier than in Poland. The youngest student in the group is thus only 17 years old, the rest are second-year and third-year students of various technical fields of study.” The plans of the Russian guests not only include visit at the University. “We want them to make the most of their visit and see as much as possible. We planned for them also participation in the ‘Tumski’ urban game, a tour of the National Museum and the ZOO’s Afrykarium, as well as an obligatory visit at the scenic overlook in the Sky Tower building.” – adds the representative of Student Government.
MISIS National University of Science and Technology is the leading technical university in Russia. It focuses on such areas, as metallurgy and materials engineering. It is also a leader in the development of innovative projects based on large-scale contacts with the industry. Wrocław University of Technology has signed a cooperation agreement with MISIS earlier this year.
Translation: Dariusz Więcławski