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Wrocławski Salon Maturzystów (Wrocław Salon for High School Graduates): all universities at one place

23.09.2013 | Aktualizacja: 14.10.2013 15:14

(photo Krzysztof Mazur)

Choose reasonably! This is usually a choice for entire life. Your interests are important but think about what the situation will be in 3 or 5 years. Will specialists of the chosen profession be needed by the economy? – encouraged the future high school graduates Prof. Tadeusz Więckowski, Rector and President of the Honorary Committee of the Wrocławski Salon Maturzystów that began at Wrocław University of Technology.
The Salon was opened on Tuesday by Waldemar Siwiński, President of the “Perspektywy” Education Foundation, main organizer of the event. He greeted the future high school graduates and the guests. Professor Tadeusz Więckowski said: - Today, Wrocław University of Technology is the largest university in the Dolnośląskie Region and one of the largest in the country. I am very glad that you paid a visit Wrocław University of Technology but also to other universities in Wrocław, as you can get acquainted with their offer. I wish you luck in making wise decisions but for the time being, I keep my finger crossed for the first step – success at the high school final examination!
Danuta Leśniewska, School Superintendent of the Dolnośląskie Region reminded that in fact the pupils decide about their future university now, in September, when they choose their subjects for the high school final exam. - By acquainting with the offer of various universities, you can also reduce the pre-exam stress and fear – said Leśniewska. Charity Boyette, representative of the USA consulate in Poland, wished the pupils good luck in making the decisions that will influence their lives. - Some of you may decide to study abroad. This is a difficult decision but it will provide you with new opportunities and will open your minds – said Boyette. The “Education USA” organization presented the offer of American universities at the Salon.
Wrocławski Salon Maturzystów will last until 18 September at the Congress Centre of Wrocław University of Technology (Janiszewskiego St. 8). It is a part of a country-wide information campaign during which 16 similar events will be held at the largest academic centres in Poland between 5 and 27 September.
At Wrocław University of Technology, pupils have the opportunity to speak with representatives of 30 universities. They obtain information e.g. about the offered majors, admission rules or conditions in the dormitories. Also, the general admission procedure at the public universities in the region will be presented.
There is also a surprise: - We hired a company that can take a 3D photo in a 90 degree angle of any willing person. This is not an ordinary photo – the person presented can be viewed from any side – explained Anetta Stypułkowska, Head of the Admission Department. You can see an example [here].
Wrocławski Salon Maturzystów is organized by the „Perspektywy” Education Foundation.

km, Translation: Dariusz Więcławski