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Good results of our students at the Robomaticon competition in Warsaw

11.03.2015 | Aktualizacja: 11.03.2015 16:00

From the left: Michał Burdka, Witold Lipieta and Jacek Jankowski (phot. KoNaR's archive)

Members of our University’s Robotics Scientific Circle (“KoNaR”) took second place in three categories at the Robomaticon competition. The event was held last weekend at Warsaw University of Technology
For KoNaR, the competition in Warsaw was an important test before April, when they will start in the RobotChallenge in Vienna, considered unofficial European championships of robot designers.
Seven students from the KoNaR scientific circle took part in the event. Jacek Janowski took second place with his “Tau” robot in the Micro Mouse discipline (the robot has to find the way to the centre of a maze and then get out of it). Michał Burdka and his “Er3” were second in the LineFollower Enhanced competition, while Witold Lipieta with his “Roadrunner” took second place in the LineFollower without turbine competition. In these two disciplines, the robots have to travel a route marked with a line stuck to the floor as quickly as possible.
The students will go to Vienna on 11 April. Their machines will compete against robots designed by rivals from a few dozen countries.
Translation: Dariusz Więcławski