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Bronze for our student at kendo competition in the Netherlands

12.03.2015 | Aktualizacja: 12.03.2015 14:10

Alina Gdeczyk (phot. Natalia Maj)

Alina Gdeczyk from the Faculty of Chemistry took third place in the women’s individual competition at Iijima Cup in Amsterdam. The event was held last weekend
Over 170 athletes from entire Europe competed in 4 categories. Saturday (7 March) saw the individual rivalry of people with kyu grades, as well as men’s and women’s individual competitions. On Sunday (8 March) the team competition was held.
Poland was represented by 10 athletes from Warsaw, Olsztyn, Poznań, and Wrocław.
Natalia Maj from Warsaw and Marta Lewicka and Alina Gdeczyk from Wrocław took part in the women’s rivalry, while Kasper Yearwood, Krzysztof Bosak and Maciej Wierzbowski from Warsaw and Rafał Jaśtak from Poznań participated in the men’s competition. Polish representation also put up two teams in the team competition.
In the first day of the event, Alina Gdeczyk from the Wrocław Kendo Association took third place. She is a student of Master’s Degree studies in chemical technology at Wrocław University of Technology. “She is a very diligent athlete and we can see the effects.” – says Wiesław Biel, her coach at our University’s Department of Physical Education and Sport.
Alina Gdeczyk has been practising kendo for 8 years and already has many achievements under her belt.
Author: ISZ
Translation: Dariusz Więcławski