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The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering encourages common running. On Each Monday.

23.03.2015 | Aktualizacja: 23.03.2015 00:28

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With the slogan “run with W10”, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Student Government encourages students (and not only) to common running. Each Monday, the W10 team will meet at a chosen point and run a defined distance
“Keeping in mind the great involvement of students from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in the last year's Rector's Run, we wanted to maintain the sportsmanship of the Faculty.” - explains Daria Urbańczyk from the Student Government - “Therefore, we encourage to 'Run with W10'!”
The student Government invites all runners but also people who only want to start their running experience. She assures that the more experienced will answer all questions that the beginners may have.
On the closest Monday, 23 March, at 7 PM, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering team will meet at the fountain near Pergola. They plan to run 3 km at a pace of 6 minutes per kilometer. This will be the start of weekly trainings that will take place regardless of the weather.
“The starting point of the runs will be adapted to the preferences of our Monday runners.” - adds Daria Urbańczyk.


transl. Dariusz Więcławski