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Risk in the cloud. Report on web security

30.04.2015 | Aktualizacja: 30.04.2015 14:52

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The distrust of the business sector toward cloud technology grows along with its popularity. “The apprehension is definitely justified.” - says Prof. Mirosław Kutyłowski from Wrocław University of Technology, a specialist on web security, commenting on the report made by the American company Vormetric
On the basis of 800 interviews with managers and IT specialists (e.g. from USA, Great Britain, Germany, and Japan), Vormetric – leader of the American cybersecurity and data protection services market – has completed a report which shows that the cloud is the most risky model of data management – informed PAP (Polish Press Agency).
“However, the necessity to run a service quickly often outweighs the risk.” - says Prof. Kutyłowski - “It's a bit like 'Russian roulette'”.
The Vormetric research results confirm this. 54 percent of IT sector leaders store sensitive information in the cloud, at the same time assessing the model as the least secure. Also, on global scale, 80 percent of companies make use of clouds.
Leaders of the sector assess the cloud as the most risky model of data management (56 percent of respondents). Traditional databases and file servers are considered as more secure solutions – 37 percent and 29 percent of respondents, respectively, assessed them as safe. The real risk related to the use of traditional solutions is higher than perceived by the respondents – 47 percent compared to 38 percent. On the other hand, the risk related to the use of clouds has been assessed as higher (40 percent) than estimated by the specialists (36 percent).
In the IT sector, there is still some distrust for new models of data storage and management.
Vormetric analysts determined that 93 percent of the examined companies planned to maintain or increase their expenditure on data protection in the next year.
Translation: Dariusz Więcławski