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300 lectures in the Congress Centre

24.09.2013 | Aktualizacja: 14.10.2013 15:14

(photo Krzysztof Mazur)

​A symposium for construction and architecture specialists began on Monday at Wrocław University of Technology. This five-day meeting was organized by International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures (IASS).
The conference is dedicated to the topic „Beyond the Limits of Man”. In the Wrocław University of Technology Congress Centre, 300 lectures will be delivered. The participants of the event include Mark Burry, a specialist on parametric structures, Michael Burt from Technion (Israel), author of  the “Periodic Table of Polyphedrons”, and Prof. Wojciech Zabłocki from Warsaw, designer of many sports facilities, who will be talking about movement in architecture. - The name of the symposium is related to the jubilee of the Centennial Hall. Erecting it in 1913 was also regarded as transgression of human limitations. Now we are waiting for another breakthrough – said Dr Hab. Romuald Tarczewski, organizer of the meeting.
The IASS Association was founded 50 years ago in Spain by Eduardo Torroja. It is the second time that the IASS conference has been held in Poland. The first time it was organized in Warsaw in 2002.
At the opening of the symposium, the title of Honorary Member of IASS was conferred on Prof. Jan Obrębski, President of the Scientific Committee of the Conference. The distinction was handed to him by Prof. René Motro. Also, Eduardo Torroja Medals were awarded in recognition of significant contribution to the design, construction or research on self-supporting and spatial shields. This year the medals were awarded to John F. Abel (USA), a specialist in self-supporting concrete structures and solutions applied e.g. in areas threatened by earthquakes, and to Otto Frei, a German designer.
The symposium at Wrocław University of Technology will last until 27th September.
Maria Kisza, Translation: Dariusz Więcławski